To perform in the vacuum of space, first you have to survive the trip.

No one simulates the launch environment more accurately than ARS Direct Field Acoustic Testing.

What ARS Does

We provide direct field acoustic and environmental testing as a service to the aerospace and defense industries. Simulating rocket launches, with industry-renowned transparent data delivery and reliability, all with truly exceptional service.

ARS understands the stress and detail-loaded anxiety around testing expensive products which is why we work hand-in-hand across individual roles and responsibilities to ensure that we offer the highest standards of service for acoustic testing needs, delivering proven efficacy.

ARS means client-first solutions for direct field acoustic testing.


Active launch vehicle systems in service


Metric tons of Neutrons in inventory


Acoustic test runs successfully completed

Our Leadership

"A diverse team with 80+ years combined experience in high-performance audio, and more than a decade of experience building high-output acoustic devices for military, industrial, and Direct Field Acoustic Testing applications."


Jeremiah Leiter
CEO & Co-founder

Eric Friedlander
CTO & Co-Founder

Jim Scott
Chief Strategy Officer

Tony Price

Tobias Wulf
Managing Director – ARS EU

Dann Hayes
Director - Operations & Testing

Our Strategic Partnerships

ARS leverages proprietary software and other solutions and partners with leading environmental acoustic testing companies to ensure the optimal outcome for customers’ acoustic testing needs.

Experior Laboratories

Independent design verification and qualification testing services providing expertise in dynamic and thermal test applications, offering vibration, shock, thermal and vacuum testing from their Southern California Class-100,000 cleanroom facilities.


Unique analysis methods to efficiently and accurately simulate noise and vibration across the entire audible frequency range.

m+p international

Solutions for noise and vibration testing such as environmental simulation on a shaker, dyamic measurements, vibration and sound investions, high-channel count data monitoring and testing of elastomer mounts in vehicles.

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