ARS Partners with Dassault Systems and their Wave6 Software Program

Shepherdstown, WV / July 10, 2021 – After many months of R&D, ARS and Dassault presented their results at the Aerospace Corporation’s Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle Dynamic Environments Workshop (SCLV) on June 29th.

The collaborative effort produced a more accurate method for predicting the results of direct field acoustic tests in Dassault’s Wave6 software with the inclusion of calibrated ARS NEUTRON acoustic source models.

“Our focus was on building a more fully-realized model of the internal and external behaviors of the acoustic source device, thus leading to a more accurate prediction of the acoustic field with the inclusion of highly accurate directivity information vs simple monopole-based simulation methods.” said Jeremiah Leiter, CEO & Co-Founder.

CTO Co-Founder, Eric Friedlander added, “The Simulation results have correlated well to physical tests of simplified panels and measured structural responses, giving end users good confidence in not only the accuracy of the acoustic device model but also in Wave6’s exceptional capabilities to provide highly accurate and detailed vibroacoustic models.”

About Dassault Wave6- Wave6 provides unique Analysis Methods for efficiently and accurately simulating noise and vibration across the entire audible frequency range. These methods are integrated into a single common engine and controlled by a single license. This enables you to combine methods in the same model and efficiently analyze noise and vibration problems in ways that are simply not possible in other software packages. By integrating Wave6 into your design process you can ensure noise and vibration performance is built into your product at the design stage, which reduces the risk of discovering expensive noise and vibration problems during the physical prototyping process.

About ARS Founded in 2019, the ARS team calls upon vast experience in acoustic research and product design and is singularly dedicated to advancing the science and tools of acoustic testing. The ARS team has focused on developing extremely high output, high capability, acoustic testing devices for a wide array of military and industrial applications. This work has culminated in the NEUTRON system for fully incoherent, highly uniform, direct field acoustic testing at sound pressure levels simulating rocket lift-off for aerospace. NEUTRON’s performance and data set are without parallel in the acoustic testing domain. Along with many US tests being conducted, demonstrations of NEUTRON’s capabilities are scheduled for throughout 2022.

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