Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) Awarded Direct Field Acoustic Testing Contract at UK’s National Satellite Test Facility (NSTF)

Potsdam, 25.10.2023 – Acoustic Research Systems (ARS), a leading provider of advanced Direct Field Acoustic Testing solutions for the aerospace industry, is pleased to announce its recent success in securing a landmark contract for the delivery of a full-scale, state-of-the-art Direct Field Acoustic Testing turnkey solution to the UK’s National Satellite Test Facility (NSTF). This contract underscores ARS’ leadership in advancing the field of Direct Field Acoustic Testing and marks a significant milestone in the company’s growth as it expands its global operations. Acoustic Research Systems (Europe) GmbH is the organization’s first international subsidiary, opened less than a year ago. The contract win confirms ARS’ assumptions that the European space industry markets are relevant investment opportunities.

The NSTF, located at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) site in Oxfordshire and operated by RAL Space, plays a pivotal role in advancing space exploration. The facility requires a large, sophisticated acoustic testing system to assess spacecraft and sub-assemblies weighing up to 7000kg, ensuring they meet the stringent requirements necessary for successful launches. The ARS acoustic testing system will subject these aerospace components to the environmental stress levels produced by various launch systems to help assure they survive actual launch conditions for successful deployment.

RAL made a strategic decision to partner with ARS due to its multifaceted ability furnish a full-size, flexible system configuration, scale to accommodate future requirements and offer the potential for control upgrades to implement more flight representative test methods. The selection of ARS as the provider of this cutting-edge technology serves as an additional proving ground to reinforce the company’s reputation for excellence and innovation in direct field acoustic testing solutions.

“We are honored to be selected as a strategic partner by RAL and to be delivering the first full-scale Direct Field Acoustic Testing system on UK soil,” said Tobias Wulf, ARS Director Europe. “The innovation focus and investment made by RAL will clearly increase the relevance and acceptance of Direct Field Acoustic Testing methods in Europe, and ARS is prepared to serve the market with the service quality and speed we have built our reputation on.”

The contract between ARS and RAL assures a long-term partnership dedicated to advancing acoustic testing capabilities for the aerospace industry, delivered from ARS’ European operations.

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Acoustic Research Systems is a leading provider of advanced Direct Field Acoustic Testing solutions for aerospace, defense and industrial applications. With a commitment to service excellence and innovation, ARS delivers state of the art Direct Field Acoustic Testing technology to organizations around the world, ensuring the reliability and performance of critical launch components.

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