Acoustic Research Systems Collaborates with Strategic Partner Experior Labs for the 39th Space Symposium

Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) looks forward to participating in the upcoming 39th Space Symposium, this April 8th-11th in Colorado Springs, CO.

This year, ARS will be showcasing its industry-leading expertise in Direct Field Acoustic Testing alongside our strategic partner, Experior Laboratories. We’ll be sharing a booth, providing attendees with a one-stop shop to learn about the latest advancements for acoustic and environmental testing in the space industry.

Space Symposium Highlights

The Space Symposium offers us a unique opportunity to:

  • Connect with New-Gen Leaders: We will be networking with key decision-makers, engineers and new-gen leaders, such as Tory Bruno, CEO of United Launch Alliance, to discuss the growing demand for acoustic testing solutions. He will be hosting the “New Generation Space Leaders” program, with the goal to foster long term peer relationships and assisting young professionals jumpstart their careers further in the acoustic aerospace industry.
  • Drive Innovation: This premier event fosters a dynamic environment for learning about the latest advancements in space technology. One standout session we are looking forward to is,“Processing on the Edge”, led by David Ellis, Jason Hopkins, Caitlin Marsh and Dr. Jesse Mee. This keynote explores challenges and innovations in on-orbit satellite data processing and how it underscores the theme of technological innovation.
  • Responsible Exploration: At ARS, we always seek the responsible development of the aerospace ecosystem. We will be attending NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy’s session on “Sustainability and Long-Term Preservation of Space.” She will lead a discussion on the agency’s unified approach to support the long-term sustainability of the space environment.

Strengthen Strategic Partnerships: We are better, together! Collaborating with Experior Labs allows us to offer a comprehensive environmental testing solution for our clients. We look forward to discussing the benefits of how our partnership offers a turnkey solution across a wide range of tests with the attendees.

Visit Our Booth

ARS will also be part of the Space Symposium’s Testing Zone in Experior Labs’ booth. We invite you to visit us at the booth to learn more about how our direct field acoustic testing solutions and Experior Labs’ environmental test solutions can help ensure the success of your space projects. We’ll also be raffling a backpack this year, so be sure to stop by and enter for a chance to win!

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