ARS Expands to Europe


The Space race is getting louder and more efficient as Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) announces their European Headquarters in Potsdam, Germany.

Shepherdstown, WV / November 14, 2022 – 

Acoustic Research Systems – Developers of the first and only purpose built, turn key acoustic test system for launch simulation, today announced the opening of its European office as part of its Worldwide expansion strategy. Located in Potsdam, Germany, this office will serve as the company’s European headquarters housing inventory of NEUTRON Systems for deployment on the continent. NEUTRON’s revolutionary design dramatically increases accuracy, efficiency and safety, while substantially reducing deployment time, staffing requirements, and overall test time.

This follows the company’s appointment of Tobias Wulf as Director of European Operations and GM of Acoustic Research Systems, GmbH. Tobias oversees the operations of ARS European headquarters, in addition to hiring, scaling the company’s enterprise customer base, and supporting its growing partnership network, he will coordinate the ongoing demonstrations in Europe.

The rapid growth comes as demand for ARS’ test systems continues to accelerate internationally on the heels of a productive year of testing in the US for key players in the aerospace Industry.  ARS’ expansion into Europe is validated by in-depth market research, as well as key capability demonstrations performed with m+p International, the German manufacturer of the industry’s leading acoustic control system.

Although it was part of our long-term plan, I have so much gratitude that our acceptance rate has been so positive, and that we are already in a strong position to expand overseas much earlier than anticipated. With confidence that our technology far exceeds our predecessors, we continue to stay focused on the big picture.” said Jeremiah Leiter, CEO. “Precision, efficiency and transparency have been cornerstones for ARS in the US and will continue to be in Europe. This headquarters is a big step forward as we grow our international footprint to best serve customers.”

CTO & Co-Founder, Eric Friedlander added, “Tobias is a welcome addition to the ARS team with extensive experience working in both the professional audio industry and the global aerospace industry. His analytical thinking, customer-focused mindset, and ability to step back and see the abstract helps us to develop even better solutions and grow our overseas relationships.”

About ARS: Founded in 2019, the ARS team calls upon vast experience in acoustic research and product design and is singularly dedicated to advancing the science and tools of acoustic testing. The ARS team has focused on developing extremely high output, high capability, acoustic testing devices for a wide array of military and industrial applications. This work has culminated in the NEUTRON system for fully incoherent, highly uniform, direct field acoustic testing at sound pressure levels simulating rocket lift-off for aerospace applications. NEUTRON’s performance and dataset are without parallel in the acoustic testing domain. Along with many US tests being conducted, demonstrations of NEUTRON’s capabilities may be scheduled as needed.

For more information, and to schedule a demonstration, contact: Acoustic Research Systems, 113 E German Street, Shepherdstown, WV 25443 304-973-9277×4

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