Paris Space Week

As Paris Space Week (PSW), the annual B2B trade show in the City of Light dedicated to space begins, Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) looks forward to learning and engaging with other participants across four key thematics that are redefining the cutting edge of the space industry. This two-day event enables industry leaders, innovators and decision-makers to converge and explore the latest advancements in the space industry. There are four thematic areas on our radar:

Satellites play an increasingly essential role in applications like GPS, internet communications, weather forecasting, global security and much more. ARS looks forward to engaging with attendees and identifying opportunities for how its groundbreaking advancements with its Neutron™ System will support satellite payloads, mission systems and equipment direct field acoustic testing. The Neutron™ system’s full-range output and exceptional acoustical efficiency are reshaping testing capabilities, offering comprehensive solutions for large groups, governments and space agencies to assure payloads survive the trip to space, all while still safely on the ground.

Launchers, a key area of European Space-manufacturing activity, is one of the top priorities at PSW. Our Neutron™ System offers a comprehensive solution for testing launchers of all sizes. With features including real-time telemetry, backup power supply units and autonomous control, ARS continues to innovate and advance the current state-of-the art in launcher programs.

Ground Systems
Every spacecraft needs a sophisticated ground system. ARS addresses this critical need with the flagship Neutron™ System. This purpose-built design seamlessly integrates into Ground Control Systems, providing valuable support to engineers and scientists as they issue commands, test and collect data from onboard instruments.

Space App
Applications in space including Earth Observation, Telecommunications and Global Navigation play a crucial role in disaster risk reduction and even global insurance underwriting. ARS, through the NeutronTM System, provides advancements in data collection, 3D simulation and numeric models to enhance the accuracy and timing of information delivered by space applications.

Across each PSW thematic area, the ARS Neutron™ System furnishes a highly scalable, turnkey solution catering to a variety of testing needs. The system’s drive, fully redundant features, autonomous control and digital connectivity to test circles establish new standards for technological innovation in Direct Field Acoustic Testing.

ARS eagerly anticipates learning the latest advances, meeting with existing customers and new colleagues alike and catching up on breaking developments across Europe at Paris Space Week. We also look forward to our ongoing work collaborating with the broader space community and joining fellow innovators fueling the ongoing advancements in satellite technology, launchers, ground systems and space applications.

ARS remains committed to aligning seamlessly with the ever-evolving requirements of the space industry and furnishing the highest standards of acoustic and environmental testing of space hardware through our flagship Neutron™ System and broader offerings for mission-critical testing.

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