Astro Digital Completes Thermal Vacuum and Direct Field Acoustic Testing Test Campaign on Deployable Solar Array – Experior Laboratories (

Astro Digital Partners with ARS and Experior Labs to Validate Deployable Solar Arrays

Astro Digital in partnership with Experior Laboratories, conducted two separate test campaigns to validate the functionality and durability of their deployable solar array. These campaigns encompass Thermal Vacuum Testing and Direct Field Acoustic Testing, signifying milestones in the process for successful space exploration.

Thermal Vacuum Testing

The first test campaign focused on thermal vacuum conditions. Here, the deployable solar array was placed within a specialized vacuum chamber. Inside, engineers simulated the temperature variations experienced in space. This testing ensures the solar array can withstand the thermal stresses it will encounter during deployment and throughout its operational life in orbit.

DFAN Testing

The second test campaign involved Direct Field Acoustic Testing conducted by Experior Laboratories at their Southern California facilities, using the Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) Neutron. In this simulation, the solar array was bombarded with ultra-high acoustic fields. This process replicates the intense noise levels produced during a rocket launch and its ascent phase. By exposing the array to these loud, high-frequency sound waves, engineers can verify the array’s ability to withstand the mechanical stresses induced by vibrations without succumbing to damage.

Both thermal vacuum and direct field acoustic testing are considered essential steps for validating the quality of deployable solar arrays. By successfully completing these rigorous test campaigns, Astro Digital paves the way for successful deployments of solar arrays on future space explorations.

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