Control the Field, Not the Location

Field Optimization Over Location-Specific Control in Acoustic Testing

There’s a paradigm shift in acoustic testing coming.

In the acoustic testing space, achieving a homogenous and predictable acoustic field is of paramount importance. For years the gold standard in direct field acoustics (DFA) has been to approximate a diffuse field, typically found in Reverberant Acoustic Test Facilities (RATFs). Traditional approaches have involved combining bandpass outputs from multiple speakers, often leading to challenges such as comb filtering and inconsistent field distribution.

New Methodologies for Field Optimization

Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) is pioneering a revolutionary methodology centered on field optimization rather than location-specific control.

The Neutron™ System represents an important advance in how acoustic fields are managed. Traditionally, the challenge with legacy DFA testing lay in the physical arrangement of speaker circles and the inherent limitations of combining bandpass outputs. This often resulted in compromised performance between control microphones and inconsistent field distribution.

The Neutron™ System consolidates all speaker bandpasses into a single full-range acoustic device, eliminating the need for multiple physical speaker cabinets and minimizing comb filtering through time alignment.

The Neutron™ System – Detailed

The Neutron™ System is designed around functional blocks, each equipped with a control microphone and drive signal. These blocks operate independently, allowing for localized optimization of acoustic output. By utilizing fully incoherent drive signals, the potential for
unwanted interactions between acoustic devices, such as standing waves and comb filtering, is significantly reduced.

Our approach emphasizes controlling the entire acoustic field rather than specific locations within it. This holistic strategy ensures a consistent and repeatable sound field, scalable to accommodate a wide range of test articles. By prioritizing field homogeneity and predictability, we redefine the standards of acoustic testing.

Advantages of the Neutron™ System

The Neutron™ System offers numerous advantages over traditional methods. The modular design of the Neutron™ system facilitates scalability and adaptability, allowing for seamless integration into various testing environments.

Our technology streamlines the testing process by reducing the need for extensive microphone optimization. Instead, our system optimizes the entire acoustic field, minimizing the potential for localized performance degradation.

Controlling the Field, Not Just the Location

We believe in controlling the field, not just the location. Our innovative Neutron™ System represents a quantum leap forward in acoustic testing methodology, offering unparalleled homogeneity, predictability and scalability. With this advance, ARS empowers researchers and
engineers to achieve superior results across a diverse range of testing scenarios.

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