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Successful Direct Field Acoustic Test Demonstration at Experior Laboratories featuring ARS and Quartus Engineering

Experior Laboratories hosted a Direct Field Acoustic Testing Demonstration to furnish attendees with an opportunity to learn about the ARS NeutronTM System, understand the DFAN testing process and engage with experts in the field to enhance their knowledge and expertise in acoustic testing.

Attendees experienced a detailed walkthrough and demonstration of the ARS NeutronTM System — including its features, components and functionalities. The system showcased consisted of six NeutronTM devices arranged around a honeycomb panel, which served as the Device Under Test (DUT).

Direct Field Acoustic Testing Process
The demonstration covered the entire Direct Field Acoustic Testing process, starting from simulation through testing. The ARS NeutronTM System both simulated acoustic environments and conducted actual tests in the field.

Quartus Engineering Presentation
Quartus Engineering specializes in predictive modeling and simulation of vibration responses, through advanced software tools. Quartus Engineering predicted anticipated pre-test vibration responses of the honeycomb panel using standard NeutronTM -calibrated sources available in Dassault Systèms’ wave6 vibroacoustic simulation software.

Best Practices for Data Collection
In addition to the demonstrations, ARS and Quartus Engineering provided guidance on best practices for collecting data during DFAN tests. Even the most comprehensive testing requires critical data collection for the success, replicability and reliability of the testing process.

Correlation Between Simulation and Measured Responses
ARS and Quartus Engineering conducted a detailed review to assess the fidelity and correlation between the simulated results and the actual measured responses. This essential step validates the accuracy of the simulation model and ensures that it closely reflects actual real-world conditions.

Interactive Conversation and Live Q&A
The event concluded with a live interactive session and facilitated discussion where attendees had an opportunity to pose specific questions to ARS and Quartus Engineering and gain further insights about particular applications of the technology. This colloquy helped zero-in on specific applications along with addressing any outstanding issues and potential concerns they had about the Quartus Engineering and ARS technologies or the acoustic and environmental testing process.

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