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ARS has landed in Europe and celebrates the foundation of its first international subsidiary, Acoustic Research Systems (Europe) GmbH.

Reason enough to invite you, together with our global partner m+p international, to a full week of Direct Field Acoustic Testing demonstrations featuring the NEUTRON System.

Demonstrations are taking place just minutes from this year’s ECSSMET conference in Toulouse, France.

Each slot will offer hands-on demonstrations, a live Direct Field Acoustic Test and insights on our service solutions.
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The European aerospace test engineering community can expect an opportunity to experience The NEUTRON Advantage up-close and hands-on for the first time on European soil, our weeklong event will showcase a live test configuration featuring equipment from our new Europe-based inventory. The system will comprise of 12 ARS NEUTRON devices, powered by our CORERACK amplification and drive system, and controlled by our ARSDRIVE control and monitoring hub featuring m+p International's industry-leading octave-band acoustic control solution. 

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