Exploring Model Environmental Testing Demo: ARS, ATA and Experior Labs Collaborate for Aerospace Innovation

ARS and ATA have united to conduct a Modal and Acoustic Testing Demonstration on June 7th, 2024, from 11:45 to 15:00 hosted by our strategic partners at Experior Laboratories.

ARS and ATA Engineering are excited to demonstrate an integrated workflow that allows accurate modal and acoustic testing to be performed virtually anywhere. ATA’s fixed base correction method can provide fixed base modes even while a test article is mounted to a dynamically active base, and ARS’s turn-key solution for Direct Field Acoustic Testing provides a uniform and homogenous acoustic field, regardless of test size or test level.

In the demanding realm of aerospace engineering, ensuring the durability and functionality of components and systems is paramount for mission success. A pivotal element in this endeavor is environmental testing, which subjects structures and equipment to strenuous evaluations mimicking real-world conditions.

The demonstration will unveil the integrated workflow, co-created by ARS, ATA and Experior Laboratories, and will highlight these essential advancements:

Realistic Simulation: Our collaborative demonstration will employ meticulous control and monitoring to emulate the environmental conditions aerospace systems encounter during flight and mission operations, offering a tangible glimpse into their operational capabilities.

Integrated Testing Solutions: Experior Laboratories will reveal its advanced vibration testing technologies, crucial for precise simulation of dynamic loads and structural reactions. ARS will conduct Direct Field Acoustic Testing using its proprietary NeutronTM system, specifically designed for such applications. Meanwhile, ATA will oversee the adherence to industry standards, ensuring that our testing procedures mesh flawlessly with regulatory expectations.

Environmental Chamber Technology: Experior Laboratories will showcase their proficiency in environmental chamber technology, emphasizing the critical role of managing temperature, humidity, and other variables during testing phases.

Data Analysis and Validation: Following the testing, our teams will analyze data to assess component performance and integrity. The insights derived from this analysis will contribute to design refinement and risk reduction strategies, reinforcing the tested components’ reliability and efficiency.

Witness and discuss our most recent findings of this applied innovation. Add your expertise and join us for this compelling demonstration, where ARS, ATA, supported by Experior Laboratories continue to discover how these tests can be combined with accurate pretest analysis and conducted with a single test setup to reduce your program’s test schedule and budget.

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