Proprietary acoustic testing technology. Industry-leading service.

We simulate actual launch environments with incredible accuracy. Our team is ready to test when and where you need us.

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Optimizing Direct Field Acoustic and Environmental Testing

ARS provides direct field acoustic and environmental testing plus other value-add testing services to the aerospace and defense industries. We simulate the launch experience with exacting accuracy, with industry-renowned transparent data delivery and best-in-class reliability.

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Your Facility

Expedite your schedule and control your budget. Let the ARS team come to you.

Multi-use test Facilities

Easily add ARS Direct Field Acoustic Testing to your environmental testing campaign at third party facilities.

Our Facility

Ship or bring your test article to our convenient fly-in, fly-out test facility for comprehensive environmental testing.

Beyond Testing Services

Data Acquisition

Our data-driven solutions yield transparent results and actionable insights from acoustic testing and a range of other sources at a facility or in the field.

Environmental Testing Campaign Management

Our comprehensive project management keeps all aspects of your environmental testing campaign on track from initial planning to final flight approval.

Quality Control Assurance Service

Our dedicated quality control and assurance services ensure that every environmental testing project adheres to the highest industry standards, delivering results that are both dependable and exemplary.

Space Hardware Ground Logistics Services

ARS' logistics services are meticulously tailored to cater to the demands of handling and transporting space hardware. We safeguard safety and integrity throughout the entire process.

Risk Evaluation Support and Consultation

ARS' seasoned experts provide support and consultation to assess and mitigate risks with precision, and ensuring success.

Environmental Testing Campaign Management

Our team’s expertise spans acoustics testing, shock testing, thermal testing, vibration testing and other critical tests, making ARS a one-stop, comprehensive test and program management partner.

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