Direct Field Acoustics

Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) is the global leader in Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAN) to enhance aerospace campaigns with supplementary services across the entire aerospace sector project lifecycle.

Reduce cost and campaign duration by 50%

We offer comprehensive services that improve efficiency, reduce cost and reduce impact to schedule and campaign length by 50%.

Whether at your location — eliminating the risk and cost associated with transporting space hardware — a third-party venue or our fly-in, fly-out facility, our collaborative partnership approach ensures precise acoustic testing tailored to each project.

Skilled engineers facilitate seamless setups and tests with our advanced technology ensuring faster and more accurate results than other systems available.

Our Approach

Adding the ARS NeutronTM system to third-party testing facilities allows you to conduct multiple tests simultaneously. We also offer state-of-the-art Direct Field Acoustic Testing along with other environmental testing in partner facilities.

Our systems revolutionize mission-critical testing for space missions and industrial/consumer development, providing end-to-end solutions. We minimize schedule and budget impact using a data-driven, transparent and collaborative approach.

We offer expert, turn-key testing as a service consulting as well as furnish our proprietary systems to other engineering professionals:

Testing as a Service

We offer testing as flexible as the application requires, reducing stress on schedules and space hardware while being cost effective and budget-friendly.

Full-Service Long-Term Leasing

We furnish a Direct Field Acoustic Testing system and on-site training and commissioning, for a given length of time.

The flexibility of this arrangement helps customers meet program test and schedule goals, all while enhancing end-user test capabilities and supporting key schedule and budget milestones.

Installed System Sales

We work to determine the needs of each customer for Direct Field Acoustic Testing capabilities, and then deliver a fully functional solution for customers to own and use at their own facilities.

Our systems are designed to be intuitive and safe to operate. Customers can feel confident with optimal results from their investment.

Reverberant Chamber Augmentation

We supply proprietary solutions to create, enhance or even retrofit existing reverberant chambers with increased SPL output capabilities, as well as high-resolution control beyond the highest frequency most typical nitrogen-driven devices can produce.

Key Differentiators

Turn-Key Test Solution

End-to-end testing in conjunction with your team.

Reduced Time & Cost

Reduced overall test time with significant budget savings.

Unparalleled Transparency

Unparalleled transparency of data and test results, assuring accuracy and reliability of data and enabling clients to perform their own analytics where necessary.

Features and Benefits

NeutronTM System

The industry’s first purpose built turn key test solution, now available to the global market. ARS manages all details of the testing process through the entire testing lifecycle using our proprietary system.

Testing as a Service

ARS supports client test needs while meeting demanding schedule and budget goals, perfectly tuned to support programs of any shape and size.

Supports Test Spectra

The ARS program is flexible thanks to its full-range, all-frequencies-included design, exceeding launch vehicle manufacturer test requirements for maximum environment for both performance and accuracy.

Uniform Test Field

Direct Field Acoustic Testing with a true acoustic controller enables the creation of a uniform and homogenous acoustic field, providing a test that is not just accurate, but also highly repeatable. Concerns about standing waves and hot- or cold-spots in the acoustic field are mitigated, regardless of test size, or test level.

Best-in-Class Efficiency

Not only does Core Rack provide a high-voltage, electrically efficient amplification backbone for the NeutronTM System, but the NeutronTM device itself features exceptional acoustical efficiency, enabling testing utilizing less power, generating less heat and requiring no inconvenient “cool-down” times between high-level test runs.

All Instrumentation Included

ARS provides not only the correct microphones required for the acoustic test, but can also provide sensors to support data acquisition needs, capturing all test data with our integrated control and acquisition system for processing and review.

Safety Optimization

ARS has developed the industry’s most robust safety practices for Direct Field Acoustic Testing. From our electroacoustical protection systems and system safety limiters to our robust, purpose-built suspension accessories and integrated suspension hardware designed to industry standard engineering codes, we approach every test with a safety-first mindset and collaborate with your safety experts in-house to ensure safe conditions for humans and hardware.

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