Extended Environmental Testing

ARS stands at the forefront of Environmental Testing solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace and defense industries.

Testing to exceed the greatest demands of space

Capabilities span Mechanical Shock Testing, Thermal Vacuum Testing and Vibration Testing and Tensile and Compression Testing enabling clients to assess the resilience and reliability of their products in diverse environmental conditions.

Our Expertise

Aerospace and defense assets and equipment must perform under extreme conditions, including rapid temperature changes, intense vibrations and sudden shocks.

ARS Environmental Testing accurately replicates these harsh environments in our state-of-the-art facilities, enabling clients to assess the performance and durability of their components with precision and confidence before deployment in critical applications.

Mechanical Shock Testing

We simulate and evaluate a device's ability to withstand sudden jolts and impacts – crucial performance for components subjected to rough handling or rapid acceleration. Our capabilities encompass a range of shock tests, including Classical Shock and High-G Classical Shock, with the ability to simulate forces up to 10,000G. With advanced systems and meticulous data capture, we ensure accurate evaluations of shock resilience.

Thermal Vacuum Testing

Our testing chambers expose components to the same harsh conditions they will experience in space.

By subjecting materials to these conditions, we provide valuable insights into their performance in orbit, aiding in the development of space-ready technology with enhanced reliability and durability.

Vibration Testing

Our accredited laboratory houses advanced electrodynamic vibration testing systems. Vibration Testing ensures equipment can withstand the rigors of both launch and operation.

With custom fixtures, we can accommodate diverse applications, including oversized payloads, utilizing combined forces of up to 80,000 lbf.

Compression Testing

Tensile and Compression Testing

Our tensile and compression testing capability is essential for evaluating aerospace materials strength and integrity. Using advanced equipment, we conduct bond-shear, material coupon, and electrical harness tests to assess performance, validate processes and determine material suitability for aerospace applications.

We collaborate closely with aerospace industry leaders to enhance structural components, engines and systems’ strength-to-weight ratio, contributing to industry reliability and safety.

Our Strategic Partnerships

ARS leverages a strategic partner network to provide Environmental Testing and Campaign Service Solutions globally. This allows us to lead the most demanding Environmental Testing Campaigns and its most challenging domains, prediction and simulation seamlessly integrated into your mission needs.

Experior Laboratories

Independent design verification and qualification testing services providing expertise in dynamic and thermal test applications, offering vibration, shock, thermal and vacuum testing from their Southern California Class-100,000 cleanroom facilities.


Unique analysis methods to efficiently and accurately simulate noise and vibration across the entire audible frequency range.

m+p international

Solutions for noise and vibration testing such as environmental simulation on a shaker, dyamic measurements, vibration and sound investions, high-channel count data monitoring and testing of elastomer mounts in vehicles.

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