Supply a Permanently Installed Neutron™ System

Installing a Neutron™ System to support rapid testing of prototypes and flight hardware components, plus full cubesats up to 12U.


The customer challenge was to supply a permanently installed Neutron™ System that supports rapid testing of prototypes and flight hardware components, as well as full cubesats up to 12U. An additional challenge was to ensure that maximum OASPL and uniformity could be achieved to support the widest range of tests and launch vehicle qualification campaigns, while minimizing the footprint and impact of the Neutron™ System on the customer’s test facility.


  1. Design 6 Neutron™ devices around a smaller circle size.
  2. Provide customer flexible configuration options to resize test configuration depending on size of test hardware.
  3. Through use of uncorellated sources with true acoustic drive, create a highly uniform and diffuse acoustic field with a much smaller number of acoustic devices than possible with legacy concert line array and subwoofer systems.
  4. Ensure that the drive strategy combined with the full range devices results in easy configuration of the Neutron™ System for testing with a minimum of time and effort, and without having to install massive mains power upgrades to power the system.


ARS delivered the Neutron™ System on time and on budget to the customer’s new test facility. Following onsite commissioning and training the system achieved all qualification test levels and passed the factory acceptance test with no anomalies. The system of six Neutrons™ was installed in one buiness day, and the entire technical team was trained and ready for test operations on the second day.


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