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The ONLY full-range solution in the market today made specifically for Direct Field Acoustic Testing.

Designed around the theory that extremely high acoustic output and exceptional field uniformity are not mutually exclusive features, the NEUTRON is the industry’s first purpose-built full-range direct field acoustic testing system. This means that every aspect of the system was thought through to do its function with great precision. This is not a concert sound system but a solution that’s truly the first of its kind.


With our singular focus on acoustic research, we developed the ARS NEUTRON Direct Field Acoustic Testing System as the industry's first purpose built, turn-key, ultra-high output, direct field acoustic testing and launch simulation system. Designed from the ground up specifically to support customers requiring Direct Field Acoustic Testing (commonly abbreviated as DFAN, DFAT®, or DFAX), reverberant chamber augmentation, or creative solutions to unique acoustic testing problems, NEUTRON's revolutionary design dramatically increases accuracy, efficiency and safety, while substantially reducing deployment time, staffing requirements, and overall test time.

The NEUTRON Advantage

Competitive systems, typically based on line arrays, are subject to thermal and mechanical shortcomings, in addition to unavoidable irregularities in the sound field. The resulting test data can fall short of required critical standards while unnecessarily increasing complication, time and cost. NEUTRON's revolutionary design is the only full-range solution available made specifically for direct field acoustic testing with a FULLY incoherent, highly uniform field.

Every aspect of the system was thought through to perform with great precision. This is not a repurposed concert sound system, but a solution that’s truly the first of it’s kind. For high resolution, comprehensive control over all test parameters, and to ensure absolute control precision, NEUTRON features the m+p DF-ACS acoustic control system based on our partnership with m+p international, world leaders in acoustic testing control.

NEUTRON's Key Features
  • Optimized Specifically for Direct Field Acoustic Testing
  • Incomparable Data Set
    • Driven by a Fully Incoherent, Highly Uniform Field
    • Ultra High Resolution
    • Unrivaled Quality and Accuracy
    • Fully Comprehensive
  • Highly Efficient, Completely Broad-Band, Phase-Coherent
  • Fully Scalable
  • Easier to Configure
  • Turn-Key Service with Fully Global Capability
  • On-Site Testing Option at Your Facility
  • Installed System Sales or Full-Service Leasing
  • Safer to Use
  • Exceptionally Time Efficient
  • Cost Effective

We understand that time is money and that efficiency, precision and reliability are key components to saving time. NEUTRON was designed as a turn-key system that is easy to set up, intuitive to use and extremely reliable, reducing load in and set up times, and delivering more accurate tests in less time than any system on the market today.


Our experienced ARS design team started from a blank slate to develop a full-range acoustic testing enclosure that operates with exceptional efficiency while delivering extensive power in all bandpasses. Our proprietary single-enclosure device covers the entire audible spectrum and creates a diffuse, homogenous sound field without supplemental mid-high devices or low-frequency subwoofers. This greatly reduces energy consumption while creating greater output and enhancing uniformity.


The standard CORERACK is a self-contained amplification and distribution platform specifically designed for the constant extreme output and high energy demands of launch simulation. The proprietary platform supports not only the exceptional efficiency and output of the NEUTRON acoustic devices but enables the operator to have real-time control and monitoring of nearly every major function system via the ARSDRIVE system control and monitoring rack.


For tests large or small, standard outrigger configurations can provide a wide range of support options for various configurations of NEUTRON systems. Our solutions are designed to be highly scalable, meant to meet the needs of customers who previously may not have had access to high-performance acoustic testing systems due to geographical, operational or budgetary constraints.

Example DFAN Test Walkthrough

The NEUTRON System

ARS Neutron System

The NEUTRON104 Overview

ARS Neutron System


ARS Corerack

The NEUTRON Rigging

ARS Neutron System

Vertical Stacking

ARS Neutron System

Small NEUTRON Setup

ARS Neutron System


If you are interested in learning more about our groundbreaking new designs, or would like to know how an ARS acoustic test system could work for you, please contact us.

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