Purpose-built to provide real-time telemetry and control of the NeutronTM System, the Drive signal processing and power distribution allows a single operator to program, control and monitor the NeutronTM System in real-time, while also providing tight integration with the acoustic controller for the NeutronTM System.

ARS Drive

Key Differentiators

Fully Redundant

Fully redundant with backup power supply units in all devices, and battery backups for secondary PSU support.


Only one Drive is needed to control any size of NeutronTM System deployment.

Digital Connectivity to Test Circle

Digital connectivity to test circle available via Cat 6 or Fiber Optic cabling for maximum flexibility.

Our Approach

NeutronTM System

Single Operator | Single Location

Intentionally designed to support safe operation of any size of NeutronTM System by a single operator, all key system telemetry and test conformance displays monitor real-time performance.

Eric on Computer

Efficient & Ergonomic

A simple, user-focused exterior encloses all pre-wired infrastructure required to support even the largest NeutronTM System test configurations, while sliding desktop and ergonomic display arms provide a comfortable working space for test campaigns.

Drive Data

System Control & Data Acquisition

The Drive provides not only test control, but also tightly integrated high channel count data acquisition. This enable capture of acoustic field and structural response data simultaneously, aligning time histories and expediting post-test processing.

Features and Benefits

PSU port cable

Built-In Redundancy

Fully-redundant design with backup mains power supplies in all devices, and uniterruptible power via battery backups provides secondary PSU support.

neutron setup

Highly Scalable

Only one Drive is needed to control any size of NeutronTM System deployment. Manage all key drive, control, and monitoring functions digitally over high-speed ethernet connections.

ARS's DRV1 cables

Flexible Connectivity to Test Circle

Cat6 connections with ARS's DRV1 cables provide digital connectivity to test circle or optical connectivity supports longer distances with a 10G ethernet base for high channel count data acquisition.

4k screen

High Resolution Large Format Displays

Premium swing arms support dual high resolution monitors for improved ergonomics and easy accessibility to critical data. Large 4K displays can be driven for enlargement of key telemetry windows.

data integration

Tight Integration

The tight integration of acoustic controller and audition system processor ensures that maximum drive signal fidelity, while significantly reducing points of failure.

System Configuration

  • L x W x H
  • 28in (48in extended) x 44in x 41in (.71m (1.22m extended) x 1.12m x 1.04m)
  • Operating Voltage 1
  • 120VAC/240VAC

System Parts

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