NeutronTM System

ARS’ NeutronTM System is the prime offering in the NeutronTM series of proprietary, purpose-built acoustic devices for Direct Field Acoustic Testing applications.

Designed to provide next-generation acoustic power output for aerospace, scientific and industrial applications, the ARS NeutronTM System is part of the turn-key ARS NeutronTM complete solution for mobile or fixed High Power Direct Field Acoustic Testing needs.


Key Differentiators

Full Range Output

Provides full-range output that requires no additional sub-bass reinforcement. Features best-in-class acoustical efficiency for maximum performance and reliability.

Highly Scalable

The NeutronTM System is a highly scalable, capable and economical solution for a wide range of different-sized test articles.

Completely Turnkey

Sets the state-of-the-art for Direct Field Acoustic Testing technological innovation offering a complete, end-to-end solution.

Our Approach

Very-Large-Format High-Output Direct field Acoustic Tests

Large-Format High-Output Tests

Very-Large-Format High-Output Direct field Acoustic Tests, especially those that require significant height, reduced setup time and best-in-class acoustic output and frequency response.

Small-format Direct Field Acoustic Tests

Small-Format Direct Field Acoustic Tests

Small-format Direct Field Acoustic Tests, especially those seeking an economical and highly modular solution to achieving maximum test SPL with a highly uniform field and full-range frequency response.

Reverberant chamber

Reverberant Chamber Augmentation

Reverberant chamber augmentation, where existing wide-band horn systems can be augmented with the narrow- band control and high acoustic output of a scalable ARS NeutronTM system.

Features and Benefits

Full-Range Output

Full-Range Output

Each NeutronTM device provides full-range output of the entire frequency spectrum required for testing with no need for additional sub-bass reinforcement. Features best-in-class efficiency and a unified output design.

Neutron System

Scalable Without Compromise

The NeutronTM System is highly scalable without compromise for a wide range of different sized test articles. Any size of test article from large-format satellites to small cubsats and everything in between can benefit from the application of a uniform, highly-diffuse acoustic field, with no compromise on the most rigorous test requirements.

ARS Core Rack

Included Power and Processing

The proprietary ARS Core Rack package provides all power and processing necessary to properly operate each acoustic device. Acoustic testing can be performed without massive power sources. Highly precise processing and safety limiter systems operate in real-time to ensure the NeutronTM System runs safely and efficiently.

Thermal Management System

Thermal Management System

Custom-engineered, fully-integrated thermal management system ensures maximum performance and response linearity for full test duration, while significantly reducing thermal load on transducers and eliminating cool-down times.

Suspension Hardware

Suspension Hardware

Suspension hardware designed specifically to safely expedite the process of building columns of NeutronTM cabinets makes the sytem both more efficient to construct and deconstruct - and also significantly more scalable for any size of test.

Neutron 104

Acoustically Efficient Design

The NeutronTM 104 acoustic device is exceptionally acoustically efficient, enabling a significant amount of the electrical input driven into the system to transmit out of the system as acoustic energy and significantly reducing energy dissipated as heat.

System Configuration

  • LF Bandpass
  • Bandpass-Optimized High-Output Horn
  • MF Bandpass
  • Bandpass-Optimized Modular Integrated Horn
  • HF Bandpass
  • Bandpass-Optimized Indirect Integrator
  • Lx W x H
  • 90.5in x 48in x 43.3in (2.3m x 1.2m x 1.1m)
  • Weight
  • 1617lbs (735kg)
  • Amplification Unit
  • Amplification Drive Connection For Core Rack
  • ARS-NTR-ML16
  • Rigging Hardware
  • --
  • Max Height Stacked (Units)
  • > 10 @ 10:1 Safety Factor
  • Max SPL (1-unit, @ 1m)
  • >144dB @ Typical Response Curve

System Parts

  • Connection Cable for 1 Unit
  • ARS-NTR-ML16-10, -25, -50, -100
  • Rack for Multiple Amplification Units
  • Panel for ML16 Connection to Rack
  • Panel for Power Connection to Rack
  • Panel for Signal Connection to Rack
  • Mains Power Distribution Unit
  • Signal Connections to Rack
  • ARS-NTR-XLR-1, -5, -15, -30, -50
  • Replacement Rigging Pins

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