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Find the latest datasheets, presentations and white papers featuring ARS's industry-leading NEUTRON Direct Field Acoustic Testing System here.




Example DFAN Test Walkthrough

Watch ARS CTO & Co-Founder Eric Friedlander walk a real-time demonstration of a small, 12 NEUTRON test. The video covers test configuration, system theory of operation, test controller operation, and a brief post-processing exercise to show the system uniformity and diffusivity.

Qualification of DFAN Field & Improved Acoustic Control Methods

Presented at the 33rd ATS Conference, this paper discusses a DFAN test of a realistic mass model of a satellite using a 32 NEUTRON direct field acoustic test system. The diffusivity and uniformity of the field are studied, with the results showing notable benefits to the octave band control method utilized over legacy MIMO narrowband control systems. Additionally, a study of the structural response of the mass model under test is performed, and the benefits of a properly diffuse and uniform field are shown from the standpoint of achieving correct structural excitation and correlating that information to a modal study. The risks of higher coherence to achieving proper structural excitation in direct field acoustic testing are also studied.

Validation of Novel Direct Field Acoustic Test Workflow

Presented at the 17th ECSSMET Conference, this paper discusses the motivations behind developing the industry’s first simulation, test, and post-processing workflow developed by ARS, m+p International, and wave6 for improved DFAN testing. Following an overview of the workflow’s development process, a validation exercise is undertaken to qualify the accuracy of the newly developed simulation/test/analysis approach, and the structural response of an example panel tested by a NEUTRON System is analyzed for correlation to a predicted model.

Qualification of DFAN Field & Acoustic Control Methods

Presented at the 30th Space Simulation Conference, this paper continues the test and validation of the NEUTRON System with octave-band control in larger configurations. A vertical coherence study demonstrates the risks of testing with vertically coherent line-array sources and how those risks are mitigated with octave-band control and uncorrelated sources, then an enhanced uniformity study is discussed, demonstrating the exceptional broadband, three-dimensional diffusivity of an acoustic field generated by NEUTRON devices measured at over 100 microphone locations.

Verifying a Novel Approach to Acoustic Testing

Presented at the 32nd ATS Conference, this paper discusses the development of the revolutionary NEUTRON acoustic device, then walks through a series of small-scale validation exercises demonstrating the NEUTRON’s System’s ability to reach higher OASPL levels, maintain them for longer periods of time, while providing industry-leading field uniformity.


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