Testing a Small Avionics Package

Saving the customer time and cost while testing a small avionics package in an acoustic field to 150dB.


For this client, the challenge was to test a small avionics package in a diffuse and uniform acoustic field to 150dB. Additional goals were to save the customer significant time in schedule versus chamber testing and to reduce cost relative to utilizing concert speakers to attempt the same levels.


  1. Utilize three Neutron™ devices in a close-spaced configuration.
  2. Maximize OASPL of the field while the use of truly uncorrelated drive sources ensures uniformity and incoherence targets are met


The acoustically challenging MIL-STD-810 profile was achieved at 150.1dB and maintained for 2 minutes. Field uniformity was acceptable in all control and monitor microphones, and the Neutron™ devices showed no signs of thermal concerns such as overheating or damaged voice coils. The system had acceptable headroom (margin above maximum) at full level. The client saved significant time to schedule as the setup only required three Neutron™ devices (with a setup < 15min). Previous solutions with line arrays and subwoofers might have required several hours of setup and 10x the acoustic devices.


Small-format Direct Field Acoustic Tests

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