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Built to better serve the global aerospace industry, Acoustic Research Systems is the world’s leading full service provider of acoustic testing services.

Designed with a wide range of customers in mind, ARS can provide a number of acoustic testing services that would typically require multiple vendors to accomplish. Furthermore, we can provide those services on a truly global basis.

Dedicated to Acoustic Research and Testing

Our passion for developing revolutionary technology is fundamental to all our work. Armed with this reason for existence, and knowing that we could vastly improve upon available technology, we founded ARS to support the advancement of the aerospace community as well as all industries and clients requiring uncompromised acoustic testing capabilities.

Our vision is clear: a steadfast commitment to innovation, rigorously guided by scientific method, and driven by an entrepreneurial approach to everything we do. Our systems break new ground for mission critical testing in the development and implementation of space missions and other fields of industrial and consumer development.

ARS is an extension of who we are as individuals, embodying our commitment to innovation and the absolute pursuit of precision. Fully grounded and clearly focused on how we operate, we have executed on our vision with the ARS NEUTRON acoustic test system, a groundbreaking accomplishment by a truly unparalleled team.

  • Turn-Key Test Services, where ARS brings a properly sized and configured acoustic testing system to your facility and our highly trained engineers perform the test in conjunction with your team. Since our solution is significantly simpler and more powerful than existing direct field testing systems, customers can expect shorter setup times, less shaping runs, and more accurate results at with better uniformity than previously thought possible. 

  • Full-Service Long-Term Leasing, where ARS can supply an appropriately sized turn-key acoustic testing system, as well as on-site training and commissioning, for a given length of time in order to support a specific project or program.

  • Installed System Sales, where ARS works with the customer to determine their needs for acoustic testing capabilities, and then delivers a turn-key acoustic testing solution for the customer to own and utilize at their facility. Our systems are designed to be intuitive to use and safe to operate, so that customers can feel confident they’ll get many years of optimal results from their investment.

  • Reverberant Chamber Augmentation, where ARS can supply from our catalog of proprietary solutions to create, enhance, or even retrofit existing reverberant chambers with increased SPL output capabilities, as well as high-resolution control beyond the highest frequency most typical nitrogen-driven devices can produce.


If you are interested in learning more about our groundbreaking new designs, or would like to know how an ARS acoustic test system could work for you, please contact us.

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