The 2024 SmallSat Symposium

With the increasing evolution of satellite technology, the SmallSat Symposium 2024 is a pivotal industry event each year that brings together organizations and thought leaders offering business and financial insights crucial for leveraging smallsat innovation.

The three-day conference, in Silicon Valley, convened executives, engineers and technical advisors seeking to connect with peers and stay on the cutting edge of smallsat technology. With compelling keynotes, informative sessions and opportunities for both technical and non-technical networking, participants delved deeply into the most important emerging ideas shaping the industry.

ARS relished the opportunity to see friends, peers and clients at this year’s event. We were able to share our deep experience in the smallsat field, for example supporting smallsat companies who are uncertain about how, when or what to test in relation to their satellites or their components. ARS also provided case studies evaluating complex situations such as cubesats going to space in dispenser systems, which carry the risk of disruption or damage to neighboring hardware should there be an issue.

Conference Highlights

The Symposium kicked off with a breakfast sponsored by Blue Canyon Technologies, and a panel discussion on “Smallsat Markets: What Does the Future Hold?” featuring experts from Deloitte Consulting, EnduroSat, Wilson Sonsini, McKinsey & Company and the University of California, Berkeley. There were also discussions on rapidly deployable, versatile and low-cost payloads, offering attendees a glimpse into the transformative potential of smallsats in the current economic environment.

Later there was a market brief on “Smallsat Constellations: Current and Planned Systems Considerations.” The symposium then focused on a summary of the World Radiocommunications Conferences, as well as addressing disruptions in funding, with experts from Munich Re Ventures, Lockheed Martin Ventures and others.

Day 2 offered sessions on “Building EO Services for Commercial, Government and Military Users,” as well as risk management strategies related to “Insurance Products for Smallsats.” Other technical sessions included “Structuring Edge and Cloud Nodes for Network Optimization,” and “The Burgeoning Optical Comms Market,” the latter of which explored the rapidly growing field of optical communications.

The final day of the Symposium addressed the technological intricacies that enable smallsats. Professor Andrew Kwas, NG Fellow 2 at Northrop Grumman Space Systems, moderated a session on “The Use of Micro Electronics that Enable Smallsats.” There was also a session on the importance of in-orbit mobility in a session moderated by SES Space & Defense.

The Developing Smallsat Ecosystem

The SmallSat Symposium 2024 offered a comprehensive exploration of the smallsat landscape, providing attendees with valuable insights, connections and tools to navigate the dynamic smallsat industry successfully.

Throughout the event, the networking sessions, evening receptions, coffee breaks etc. furnished opportunities to advance and strengthen existing relationships and develop new ones with many of the most prominent and influential leaders in the smallsat ecosystem. We look forward to making the Smallsat Symposium an annual “must attend” event each year!

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