ARS and Experior Laboratories Team Up to Provide Expanded Environmental Testing Services

Acoustic Research Systems (ARS) and Experior Laboratories have come together in an unprecedented partnership, combining their expertise to offer groundbreaking Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAN) and complementary environmental testing services. This collaboration provides enhanced capabilities and expanded environmental testing services to clients across aerospace and other industries.

The Neutron™ System

The ARS Neutron™ System is the industry’s first purpose-built solution for ultra-high output acoustic launch simulation testing. It is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of aerospace and defense industries. The revolutionary design ensures exceptional accuracy, efficiency and safety in acoustic testing procedures.

Experior Laboratories: Expanded Environmental Testing Services

In addition to the Neutron™ System, Experior Laboratories offers a comprehensive suite of environmental testing services that complement the Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAN) system. These services include:

  • Thermal Vacuum Testing: Experior’s chambers simulate the harsh conditions of space, including extreme temperatures and vacuum, to assess how components will perform in orbit.
  • Vibration Testing: Our partner’s vibration testing systems can handle demanding specifications, ensuring that any equipment can withstand the intense shaking and shock of launch and operation.
  • Mechanical Shock Testing: This testing helps determine if a device can survive sudden jolts and impacts, crucial for components experiencing rough handling or rapid acceleration.

Turnkey Solution from Experior Laboratories

Experior Laboratories complements the Neutron™System with a complete turnkey test solution. This comprehensive offering ensures that clients have everything they need for efficient and precise testing, from setup to post-test processing.

m+p international DF-ACS Control System

For precise control over all test parameters, the Neutron™ System incorporates the DF-ACS acoustic control system from m+p international. Renowned for its high resolution and comprehensive control capabilities, this system enhances precision and accuracy throughout the testing process.

Integration with Dassault Systemes Wave6

Integration with Dassault Systemes Wave6 vibroacoustic simulation platform further enhances the breadth and efficacy of the testing process. The Wave6 integration enables clients to conduct highly accurate direct field acoustic pre-test analysis, ensuring optimal test planning and execution.

Portability and Rapid Deployment

One of the key advantages of the Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAN) system is its portability. Clients can transport the testing equipment to any location for onsite deployment, with quick setup and calibration processes ensuring minimal disruption to schedules. This rapid deployment capability allows for efficient testing of both large and small articles – with no need to undertake the preparation and packaging, transportation time, expense and risk of bringing test articles to an offsite test facility.

Customizable Building Block Approach

The “building block” approach offered by the Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAN) system allows for flexibility in tailoring the test setup to meet specific application requirements. This ensures that clients receive a timely and cost-effective testing solution tailored to their unique needs.

Suitability for Large and Small Articles

Direct Field Acoustic Testing works across a wide range of article sizes, from large aerospace structures to smaller components. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for clients in both aerospace and multiple other industries requiring highly accurate testing simulations, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability in acoustic testing procedures.

This collaboration between Acoustic Research Systems and Experior Laboratories represents a significant advancement in the field of Direct Field Acoustic Testing and environmental testing availability, precision and results. With the Neutron™ System at its core, this partnership offers clients an unmatched level of accuracy, reliability and efficiency in all acoustic testing procedures.

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