DFAN Test Capability with High-Rate Assembly Line of Over 3000 Payloads

Testing a highly consistent and repeatable DFAN capability with high-rate assembly line


The customer requested support from ARS to provide a highly consistent and repeatable DFAN test capability with high-rate assembly line. ARS needed to support the testing of over 3000 payloads with an absolute minimum of downtime while maximizing MTBF. The customer also requested a system that could be operated safely and effectively by trained customer technicians, as well as easily adjusted to meet potentially changing acoustic test requirements over the several years that production will run.


  1. Utilize Neutron™ to allow for a single-device solution that was easily rolled into place and easily deployed to meet the customer’s current and future needs.
  2. Provide uniformity and directivity from the Neutron™ devices to result in significant flexibility for potential future configuration updates that could evolve as the customer’s hardware designs evolved.
  3. From ARS, provide a 2-day Neutron™ operator certification program. The curriculum was supplied and presented to qualified customer test technicians, the true acoustic control strategy Neutron™ uses is highly simplified vs. legacy approaches, and the ability of the controller to capture integrated acoustic test control as well as sensor data expedites the post-test review and analysis process.


ARS was able to supply a completely turnkey Neutron™ system on time and under budget to the customer, early in their manufacturing process. This allowed the customer to have plenty of time to optimize the deployment of Neutron™ in their assembly and test line. As their test requirements evolved with the start of production and selection of launch vehicles, the Neutron™ system supplied had significant headroom available and was able to achieve all required launch vehicle qualification levels with a uniform and diffuse acoustic field. ARS’s innovative safety features allowed operators to run the system with confidence and provided several tools for facility safety engineers to monitor and control the Neutron™ system to ensure the safety of personnel. With ARS’s long-term annual support contract in place, customer the customer received access to the tools needed to effectively eliminate downtime due to malfunction, and annual calibration visits will be made to ensure the system is operating nominally an in tolerance across all bands and in all devices.



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